Potential research areas in MEFPROC project

  • Meat pasteurisation extensively evaluated considerable potential in product quality, MEFPROC building on previous knowledge re-heating uniformity, in pack heating and smart process tailored energy delivery.
  • Apple juice pasteurisation well suited to MEF, MEFPROC developing new knowledge comparing microbial inactivation, quality, energy consumption vs. conventional methods for freshly squeezed juices.
  • Ready meal pasteurisation many publications, factors such as particle shape and conductivity differences (liquid vs. particles) inducing heating rate differences between phases. MEFPROC enhancing ionic uniformity using a novel US pre-treatment approach.
  • Basil blanching: MEF and US reduce time, retain better tissue quality, MEFPROC using for Basil in a novel sequential combination
  • Protein coagulation from wastewater and processing soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.
  • Pigment, Antioxidant Extraction from plants and Impregnation of cryoprotectants into Ruccola – MEF and US both enhance mass transfer MEFPROC pairing them in a novel way.
  • Mathematical modelling, a tool in food industry innovation, available models existing for MEF and US alone, MEFPROC developing novel combined MEF/US models, emphasizing their mutual roles in mass/heat transfer and electric/acoustic field interaction.